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My heart feels heavy in my chest.

It sucks not hearing I love you or I miss you.

It hurts knowing you’re not mine right now.

You didn’t ask, but I’m waiting.

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I used to feel nothing, then I met you and you made me feel everything. I’m still trying to decide which one is worse. For him" series #27 (via unpoeticheartbreak)

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It fucking sucks im trying so hard to keep you and I always get deaded like I dm you and you ignore it, I call you and you dont answer, & I snapchat you and you open it but dont response but you have time to tweet and snapchat other people. People you are with all fucking day like wtf. You didnt wanna tell your family and thats a huge mixed fucking signal.

If you want me fucking prove it. Im doing everything I can and I need you to help me. I can’t put the pieces back together alone. You have to help. If you want me then act like it. I know college is different but I cant sit around for someone who doesnt want me. Please please plesse be clear with this. You can’t keep me around as a convience. Im in love with you.

And I know you either love me the same or you fell out a long time ago because you were literally the perfect boyfriend and so cooperative and we had amazing communication. How is it that you talked to me about marriage over the summer and now we’re like this? I dont wanna be your sometimes girl, girl for home or last resort girl because I’ll always take care of you and your family loves me. I wanna be your always girl, love of your life, girl you fight for and want to fight for, girl you are in fucking love with and other girls dont even compare to. And if I cant be that then please fucking tell me.

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My chest just feels so heavy when I think about you.

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He was insomniac and she was his coffee Sleep can never keep them apart by 86vicodinaday (via soulsscrawl)

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Sometimes I feel like nothing is good enough for tumblr. Disney portrays a strong female character. It’s not good enough because she’s white. Google does something for Elimination of Violence Against Women day. It’s not good enough because it’s not smacked in your face. You have to cherish the little victories, folks. The cup isn’t always half empty.



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I will not be your “sometimes”. Six Word Story #2 (via whispersofstardust)

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